Tuesday 29th October 2002 Masonic Centre of Lodge Neptune 419

Lodge Troon Navigation 86
Bro. Gordon Cree R.W.M. (2002)
Bro. Thomas B. Heron R.W.M. (1952)
Lodge Clyde 408
Bro. Stanley Melville R.W.M. (2002)
Bro. James W. McBeam R.W.M. (1952)
Lodge Neptune 419
Bro. Alexander Dewar R.W.M. (2002)
Bro. James Smith R.W.M. (1952)
Lodge Kelvin Partick 1207
Bro. William S. Thomson R.W.M. (2002)
Bro. Thomas Brown R.W.M. (1952)

Lodge Neptune 419 was opened at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 29th of October 2002 and recieved deputation's from Lodge Kelvin Partick 1207, Lodge Clyde 408 and Lodge Troon Navigation 86 who were respectively headed by Bro. William S. Thomson R.W.M.,
Bro. Stanley Melville R.W.M. and Bro. Gordon Cree R.W.M.

Provincial deputation's were then received from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, respectively headed by the Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow, Bro. Robert Best and the depute Grand Master of Ayrshire Bro. John H. Ralston.

Once again 98 Brethren attended this anniversary meeting, which illustrated that 50 years on the Water Lodges were still successfully buoyant.

The respective masters from the four Water Lodges were presented with a trophy "donated by Lodge Neptune" to mark the Anniversary.

The R.W.M. of each Lodge then made a short speech about the Anniversary, as Bro. George Marshall, one of the founding members from Kelvin Partick 1207 could not attend the celebration the R.W.M. Bro. William S. Thomson introduced his Grandson to read a speech the Bro. Marshall had prepared from home this read as follows,

As my Grandfather Bro. George Marshall unfortunately cannot attend tonight's celebrations, he has, with my help written a few words about the Water Lodges which I shall now read on his behalf.

I am proud to see the association The Water Lodges reach its 50th Year and for a man of my 89 years it's a long time since February 1946 when Bro. Hugh C.Cunningham P.M. arranged for a visitation from Kelvin Partick to visit his mother Lodge, Troon Navigation No.86. This visitation was to be the first foundation stone in tonight's celebration as it started numerous visits and deputation's by the members of Lodge Kelvin Partick, Lodge Troon Navigation, Lodge Clyde and Lodge Neptune.

Over the next 6 years these various meetings created many a friendship, it was therefore finally decided in 1952 to recongised the associations between these four lodges, who had associations with rivers or seas.

This association was eventually named "the water lodges" although the "maritime lodges" was suggested by the Brethren who worked in the ship yards. As the title the "water lodges" was more commonly accepted, it was agreed it should be adopted as the title that we now know today.

With the efforts of brothers George Howard PM of Lodge Troon Navigation and Bro. Tommy Carson P.M. from Lodge Clyde the first official meeting of the "water lodges" took place in early 1952 within the Masonic temple of Troon Navigation.

A large deputation comprising members of three Glasgow Lodges, Lodge Clyde No. 408, Lodge Neptune No. 419 and Lodge Kelvin Partick No 1207, were respectively headed by Brother. A.G Bannerman PM of Lodge Clyde, Brother. Jim Smith R.W.M. Of Lodge Neptune and Brother. Thomas Brown R.W.M. Of Lodge Kelvin Partick were received by Brother Thomas Heron R.W.M. into Lodge Troon Navigation No 86.

Where a total of 98 Brethren witnessed a most excellent fellow craft degree that was conferred by Brother Walter Pirrie, this was the first time that Brother Pirrie had done any ceremonial work and his performance on that night was so competent that, "he later became known as the 2nd degree worker".

Since this meeting back in 1952, each lodge has acted as host the Lodge once in every four years to the other three lodges. The format of these Water Lodge meetings was varied over the years, with Lodge Troon Navigation holding a Mark Ceremonial, Lodge Clyde, Lodge Neptune and Lodge Kelvin Partick hosting various degrees and on occasions the occasional Masonic film show or slide lecture.

To accommodate the "Water Lodge" meetings held by Lodge Kelvin and Lodge Neptune who both had regular meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the month, a mutually agreed 5th Tuesday was dedicated to water lodge meeting hosted by either of these two Glasgow Lodges . After Kelvin moved to Ardrey Street, its regular meeting were moved to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, this consequently made scheduling a lot easier.

This allegiance between these Lodges with an association with water, is a prime example of the Masonic hand of friendship bonding stronger alliance's within Freemasonery. I sincerely hope that the lodges that make up the water lodges can find the strength in these difficult times to carry on this strong alliance for as long as they can.

I am as I'm sure Hepburn Gibb is, very proud to have witnessed the formation and continuing success of this association fifty years on, I only wish that I could have been present tonight, although I am very happy that my Grandson has taken the time with me to construct this speech on my behalf and I pass on my fraternal greeting to each and every one of you present tonight.

The R.W.M. Of Lodge Neptune
Bro. Gordon Cree presented the R.W.M.'s of the other Water Lodges with silver wakes to celebrate the occasion.

At harmony, Lodge Neptune had provide a superb banquet and throughout the night a large donation was collected on behalf of the Royal National Life Boat Assocation. The R.W.M.'s of the four Water Lodges made speeches
that helped mark the nights celebrations. The speeches that were made continued to impart more history about the Water Lodges association.

The harmony that Lodge Neptune laid on was first class and very enjoyable and different as they had a mind reader and a magician who liked to set fire to currency and then quote the serial numbers.

All in all the celebration hosted by Lodge Neptune was excellent and will easily be remembered by all the attending Brethren for at least another 50 years.

Bro George Marshall Hanlon
Lodge Kelvin Partick 1207







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