THE VISIT TO BELGIUM 14 Nov - 18 Nov 2002
Belgian Lodges Visited

Lodge Fides et Amor No.27
W. Bro. J.D.M.

Lodge Allegiance No 1465
50th Anniversary
Bro. P.J. S. R.W.M.
Lodge Wellington No. 1385

Scottish Lodges Represented on the Visit
Lodge Kelvin Partick 1207
Bro. William S. Thomson R.W.M.
Bro. Ted McLoughlin I.P.M.
Bro. William McLoughlin P.M.
Bro Jim Dickson P.M.
Bro Donald Smith P.M.
Bro. Ricky Niven P.M.
Bro George Hanlon
Bro Andy Wilson
Bro Joseph Martin
Bro James Osbourne

Lodge Partick St Marys No 117
Bro. J. M. R.W.M.
Bro A.C. - PM
Bro R.M. - PM
Bro W.D.- PM
Bro G.A. PM
Bro I. L.
Bro J.G.

Lodge Tower No 1523
Bro. R.L. - PM / Master Elect
Bro. .J.E. P.M.

Lodge St John Whiteinch No. 683
Bro. C. M.
Lodge Bishopbriggs No. 1259
Bro. K.C. (the piper)
Lodge Western No. 1346
Bro. W. C. PM

Old Monkland St James Lodge No. 177
Bro. B.M. - PM

Lodge Albert Edward No. 592
Bro. L.R. PM

Bro. D.W.

The 2002 visitation to Belgium will be a very memorable one for all of the brethren who participated in this fine deputation of 26 brethren, representing a total of nine Scottish Lodges.

The deputation travelled by coach supplied Bro. J.M ( RWM of Lodge Barn`s O` Clyde ) for Prestwick Airport where they were joined by Brother B.M. The Ryanair flight took the brethren to Charleroi Airport, where Brothers M.P., I.B and B.P. warmly greeted the Scottish brethren, who were then taken by coach to the Arenberg Hotel in Brussels.

The first Masonic business of the visitation was on the evening of Friday the 15th of November 2002, with Lodge Wellington Nom 1385 in Antwerp, where
Bro. William McLoughlin P.M. of Lodge Kelvin Partick No.1207 is the Proxy Junior Warden of Lodge Wellington. The Grand Master Mason of Scotland and his deputation as well as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Belgium entered the stunning temple. There the brethren witnessed a magnificent first degree. Afterwards the Grand Master Mason of Scotland presented the RWM P.J.S. of Lodge Allegiance an apron for his new office, Honorary Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The brethren then enjoyed a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties and were entertained with both Belgian and Scottish harmony.

The next day Saturday the 16th of November 2002 the 50th anniversary of Lodge Allegiance No 1465 was then attended. Bro. Ted McLoughlin I.P.M.of Lodge Kelvin Partick No. 1207 is the Proxy Master of Lodge Allegiance. There the brethren witnessed yet another magnificent first degree.

At the anniversary banquet which was held in the Royal Crown Hotel in Brussels, the guests of Lodge Allegiance enjoyed a superb meal. Afterwards presentations were made by Lodge Kelvin Partick and Partick St Mary's Lodge to the R.W.M. of Lodge Allegiance Bro P. J. S. Then Bro George Marshall Hanlon read a few words prepared by his grandfather Bro George Marshall PM who was very instrumental in forging the allegiances between the Scottish Lodges in Belgium, Wellington and Allegiance. The evening enjoyed by all the brethren.

On Sunday morning the brethren were on the move again to Ghent to meet the Worshipful Bro. J. D. M.
and the brethren of Lodge Fides et Amor No.27 where they witnessed a first degree performed in Flemish. For the benefit of the visiting brethren an English translation was provided. Although it was very different it was very well executed and very interesting to have watched.

The brethren were then taken to the banqueting hall where Lodge Fides et Amor No.27 had laid on some truly superb Scottish Fayre, smoked Scottish salmon and veal with croquettes and of course Belgian chocolates. After the meal and the various toasts the Scottish brethren were invited into the adjacent where they were each presented with a Lodge Fides et Amor tie.

Then Brother L.D.L. and some of the brethren from the lodge accompanied the Scottish brethren on a guided tour of Ghent. To accommodate the 26 visiting brethren, the lodge had hired a Belgian public house solely for the purpose of entertaining their Scottish visitors. This was very much appreciated by all the visiting brethren and it was generally agreed that this memorable harmony was the highlight of the trip made to Belgium.

The brethren were driven back to Brussels and spent the rest of the evening celebrating the end of a wonderful trip. Early on Monday morning the coach arrived to take the brethren to the airport. Thankfully everyone, (after a slight hiccup) eventually managed to bring their passports and by later that day we were all back safely in Scotland.

Should any brother wish to document their own thoughts on this trip, they can do so by posting a message on the message board and it will be added to this page in due course.








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