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Bro Hepburn Gibb : Funeral Arrangements
 Posted by Hanlon on 30/06/2005 09:41:57 (4053 views)
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Dear Brethren

It is with the deepest regrets that I have to inform you that Bro Hepburn Gibb PM of Lodge Clyde No 408 and an honorary member of Lodge Kelvin Partick 1207 passed away on the 27th of June at 10.45pm in the Southern General Hospital from a tumour in his pancreas.

The Funeral Service will be on Friday 1st July at 1.30pm at the Masonic Centre Clifford Street and then Craigton Crematorium at 2.30pm and back to Clifford Street for a light snack.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow have been contacted for permission to allow the brethren to wear their draped regalia in the Temple.

Hepburn was 94 years of age and would have been 95 in August. Hepburn had led a very full and exciting life. He had a deep love for Scotland and its beautiful scenery that he enjoyed walking. Hepburn was an excellent "award winning" artist and had painted numerous paintings of Scotland and the places that his many travels took him. Hepburn was instrumental in building the allegiances that we currently have with Lodges in Belgium, Spain and America.

Hepburn was a great lover of the works of Robert Burns and many a Burn Supper was brought to life with his renditions of the bards poetry. At many a harmony the brethren were entertained by Bro. Heppies poem "Dangerous Dan McGrew and a woman know as Lou"

Hepburn had also obtained honorary rank within the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

He will be dearly missed but not forgotten.

Yours fraternally

Bro George Marshall Hanlon
R.W.M. 1207

Bro Hepburn Gibb : Funeral Arrangements

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Bro. George Marshall Hanlon P.M.

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